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Hey everyone, I am Tina. I would like to welcome you to my site about plumbing. At my old house, the plumbing for the kitchen sink started to fail. The pipe outside simply disintegrated from old age. As a result, my yard started flooding with water whenever I turned on the sink. After this experience, I decided to learn all I can about residential plumbing problems and repairs. On this site, I will share all of that knowledge with you all. I hope to help everyone better understand the problems they may face with their plumbing and how a professional plumber can help.


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When You Should Consider Having a New Toilet Installed

When people think about hiring a plumber to make changes in their bathroom, they often think about having a new sink put in or possibly having work done on the shower. The toilet might seem like less of a priority, but it can be advantageous to have a plumber remove the old toilet and replace it with a new one for many reasons. The installation of a new toilet can make your bathroom look more modern, have better functionality, and even make the space more pleasant to be in. Here are some times that you should consider having a new toilet installed.

The Toilet Is Outdated Compared to the Rest of the Bathroom

If you've upgraded several elements in your bathroom over the years, the toilet may have been left behind stylistically. The result can be that the toilet looks highly outdated. For example, if you've made some modern changes to the bathroom and have a white vanity and stainless-steel accessories, the space will look modern. However, the cream-colored toilet that was there when you moved in will be an eyesore in an otherwise visually pleasing space. Having your plumber lift the toilet and replace it with a bright-white model will boost the look of the bathroom.

You've Experienced a Change in Your Mobility

Often, your own mobility can influence whether you should consider having a new toilet installed. For example, if you've had knee surgery or are dealing with chronic back pain, getting on and off of a shorter toilet can be extremely difficult. In this case, you might wish to opt for a toilet that is a few inches higher. This model, while often favored by taller people, is also useful for people who have limited mobility, as they don't need to bend as much to get down to the toilet.

You Can't Get Rid of the Smell

Cleaning your toilet and the floor around it is important, but you might occasionally find that you can't get rid of a stale smell or urine. This can make it unpleasant to spend time in the bathroom, and you might also feel embarrassed when people visit. If a toilet has failed to have a deep cleaning for a long time, it can develop a considerable amount of bacteria and mildew that can be difficult to remove. A better choice in this scenario is to replace the fixture—and then pledge to take better care of the new toilet.

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