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Sharing Knowledge About Residential Plumbing

Hey everyone, I am Tina. I would like to welcome you to my site about plumbing. At my old house, the plumbing for the kitchen sink started to fail. The pipe outside simply disintegrated from old age. As a result, my yard started flooding with water whenever I turned on the sink. After this experience, I decided to learn all I can about residential plumbing problems and repairs. On this site, I will share all of that knowledge with you all. I hope to help everyone better understand the problems they may face with their plumbing and how a professional plumber can help.


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AC Not Working? 3 Reasons You Need To Get It Fixed Fast

If you're on a budget, problems with your AC might not be at the top of your priority list right now. Unfortunately, it should be. Going without your air conditioner during periods of extreme heat can create more problems for you—physically and financially. Here are three ways that a broken AC can cause problems for you.

The Heat Can Make You Sick

If your AC has decided to stop working, the hot air inside your home could be exposing you to serious health issues, such as headaches, nausea and weakness. Extreme temperatures inside your home can also cause you to experience cramps in your legs.

If the AC in your home is broken, try to find someplace cool to stay until it can get fixed. If you must remain in your home, be sure to drink plenty of water. In addition, here's a quick ice pack you can make to help cool you down. Fill a resealable plastic baggie with 2 cups rubbing alcohol and 1 cup water. Seal the baggie and place it in the freezer. Leave it in the freezer for several hours. The solution will freeze to a soft, slushie consistency.

The Heat Can Damage the Asphalt Shingles

If your AC is broken, you could be exposing your asphalt shingles to heat damage. You might not realize this, but the heat radiating through your home can destroy your asphalt shingles. Unfortunately, you might not notice it until the damage has already begun. If the edges of your asphalt shingles have started to curl, your attic may be getting too hot. That can happen when your AC isn't working properly. As the temperatures elevate inside your home, the hot air rises through to the attic.

As the temperatures rise in the attic, the shingles overheat and begin to curl. For maximum protection, you might want to consider having exhaust fans installed in your basement. The exhaust fans will circulate the air inside the attic and protect your shingles even when the AC isn't working. If you have noticed curling around the edges of your shingles, you can fix them by placing a small amount of roofing cement under the shingles and securing them in place with a few roofing nails.

The Heat Can Damage Your Computers

If the AC in your home isn't working properly, your computers could be in jeopardy. The components inside your computer can be damaged by extreme temperatures, especially heat. If your AC isn't working, you should move your computers to a cool location until the repair technician can get out to your home.

If the AC unit in your home has broken down during this summer, don't postpone the repairs. Trying to suffer through the summer with a broken AC can damage your home and jeopardize your health. Be sure to contact your AC repair technician to schedule a service call.