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Hey everyone, I am Tina. I would like to welcome you to my site about plumbing. At my old house, the plumbing for the kitchen sink started to fail. The pipe outside simply disintegrated from old age. As a result, my yard started flooding with water whenever I turned on the sink. After this experience, I decided to learn all I can about residential plumbing problems and repairs. On this site, I will share all of that knowledge with you all. I hope to help everyone better understand the problems they may face with their plumbing and how a professional plumber can help.


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Why Your Remodeling Project Needs Portable Restrooms

Are you getting ready to have remodeling done on your house? Do you think that you have everything planned out and ready to go? One thing that you may not have considered before, but that you should seriously think about, is the subject of portable restrooms. The reasons for having one or more of these on your property during a remodeling project are many, but here are some of the most important ones:

Avoid messes: Remodeling can be a dirty process. The people that you've hired to do the work are likely to be covered in things like paint, drywall dust, and other various substances. If one of the workmen needs to use the bathroom while in your house, he or she could wind up tracking a lot of construction dust and debris into the bathroom that you're not currently remodeling. In order to prevent this from being tracked across the rest of your house, you'd need to clean your bathroom frequently. With portable restrooms, the workers can leave your house the way that they normally would, do what they need to do, and return to work without making a mess in the rest of your home.

Save money: In order to prevent your house from becoming filthy, you may simply forbid the workers to use the bathroom in your house. Unfortunately, if one of them really has to go, they would then need to leave your home and travel to the nearest available public restroom. Depending on how far away this is, each trip could take a significant amount of time away from each work day. Too many bathroom emergencies could put your remodeling project significantly behind schedule and add additional work days. Extra days will cost you extra money. Fortunately, portable restrooms can help. Instead of each trip taking at least ten or fifteen minutes, your workers can be back on the job in just a couple of minutes. 

Hygiene: While not all workers will do this, some who are frustrated at the lack of an available toilet on the premises may simply go off into some nearby bushes to do their business even if doing so could get him or her fired. Although you probably wouldn't have to deal with feces, nobody wants their property to smell like human urine either. Portable restrooms should stop these furtive trips to the bushes or behind sheds, reducing cleanup needs once the remodeling project has finished.

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